What To Expect

Never been to a DIY art  studio?

No worries, you are not alone! 

Here is what to expect when you arrive:

Your project will be placed on a work table at a reserved spot. In order to protect your clothing, you will want to put on the apron provided. If you also wish to place your purse/handbag away from the work table, there is a designated area where you can safely place your things. 

Once everyone has settled in, we will begin class. A typical class will last for 2-2.5 hours. 

The instructor will guide you through the process, from start to finish.
You will have full access to our stain & paint bar to select your choice of color options. 

As the workshop progresses, know that not everyone will be moving at the same pace. This is normal – don’t compare yourself to anyone else. This is YOUR project and YOUR experience! HAVE FUN, ENJOY YOURSELF, and BE PROUD of your creation! Again, we are there to help. So, if you have questions or need a hand with your project, let us know!
Hope to see you soon!